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14th July Weekly Update

This week we have been working on our number formation in Maths as well as exploring capacity in the water tray by filling different sized containers. In Literacy, we wrote to Mrs Luce to tell her that we had run 1123 miles in the Golden Mile, which was further than Class 6 on that date! Mrs Luce gave us two stickers each as well as 100 bonus gem points! We have been so impressed with how the children have embraced the Golden Mile with great enthusiasm and energy.  On Friday, we shared the afternoon session with Class 1 and enjoyed exploring our new classroom as well as sharing our classroom with our friends from Class 1. Next week we will have our last week in reception! We plan to have lots of fun as well as saying goodbye to our Year 6 buddies on Wednesday. Please remember that school finishes at 1.30pm on Wednesday 19th July. 

7th July 2017 Weekly Update

We hope you enjoyed the Summer Fayre on Friday, it was lovely to see so many of you there. This week in Literacy we have been writing the first part of the story of Supertato and will continue with this next week. We have also been writing secret superhero messages with UV pens as well as making our own text maps for Supertato. In Maths, we have been sharing and halving by sharing objects equally into groups. Next week we will be working on number recognition, number formation and addition and subtraction as well as exploring capacity in the water tray. We are looking forward to watching the Key Stage 2 production and the Class 2 assembly next week. Please note that Friday 14th July will be the last celebration assembly for this year as school finishes for children at 1.30pm on Wednesday 19th July. 

30th June 2017 Weekly Update

Thank you for all of the amazing superheroes who came into school on Friday! We had a great day with lots of superhero fun, games and writing.

In Maths we came across the evil pea who was on a double trouble mission to double things. We used mirrors to double groups of objects and solved some doubling problems. In Literacy, we wrote all about the evil pea and wrote some tricky words as well as writing "I can see..." sentences about an I spy puzzle. Next week in Maths, we will be sharing and halving by splitting objects into equal groups. In Literacy, we will write the first part of the story of Supertato as well as writing words and sentences using our sh, ch, th and ng sounds.  The children will be visiting Class 1 next week as part of the transition process as well as having their weekly story session in Class 1. 

Since we started the Golden Mile, the children in reception have run just over 1000 miles which, I'm sure you will agree, is absolutely amazing! We wish you all a happy weekend and will see you next week. 

23rd June 2017 Weekly Update

Thank you to those of you who came to our open session this afternoon. We hope that you enjoyed your Gem Power taster session. The children certainly seemed to be having a good time. 

This week in Maths we have been using lots of water to learn about capacity.  We have used our problem solving skills to make sure that all of the vegetables at the Supertato tea party had the right amount to drink! Next week we will be looking at solving problems involving doubling, halving and sharing. In Literacy this week we have been writing about our superpowers and also about Supertato and the evil pea! Next week we will continue to write about Supertato and the evil pea and their adventures as well as practising our tricky words. 

Please remember to send your children in dressed as superheroes on Friday 30th June. All children have decorated a mask and a pair of superhero pants in school which can be worn if desired!

Please continue to read at home with your children as often as possible and sign the reading records so that we know to change the books. Have a wonderful weekend and we will see you all next week.

16th June 2017 Weely Update

This week we successfully took part in our first school sports day. It was a lovely, sunny afternoon and the children were all amazing, competing fairly and supporting each other. We hope that you enjoyed it as much as we did. 

In maths this week we received a letter from Superman, who challenged us to count in 2s to count his lost socks! Not only did we complete this challenge, we also counted children and thier feet in 2s! We have also been working on our number formation, writing odd and even numbers. 

In literacy we have been writing about what our superpowers would be and how we would use them. Many children chose to continue this superhero writing during their choosing time, showing their writing superpowers!

We had a visit from our friends at the preschool today and enjoyed showing them our lovely classroom and impressing them with our fabulous learning. Next Friday, 23rd June, is the whole school open session which runs from 1.30-2.45pm. We hope to see as many of you there as possible to enjoy some gem based activities.  Please sign in at the office and you will be guided through the afternoon with your children. We are sure that it will be lots of fun.

Please make sure you have our Reception class superhero dressing up day in your diary! All children in our class can come in dressed as a superhero on Friday 30th June as outlined in the letter sent earlier this week. 

Have a lovely weekend and we will see you all next week.

26th May 2017  Weekly Update

We have really enjoyed the warm weather this week and have been learning how to be safe in the sun. As we are now enjoying warmer weather please ensure that all children have a named sunhat and water bottle in school every day. We have some spare hats but children do prefer their own hats! Children can bring suncream in to school, if required, and they will be given the opportunity to apply it before lunch. 

This week in literacy we wrote dinosaur stories using our text maps and they are fabulous! In maths, we used clocks to make o'clock and half past times as well as using timers to see what tasks we could complete in a given time. We have been planning our new superhero topic and the children are very excited about it!  A topic web and letter will be sent out in the first week of term with details of what we will be covering. Show and tell will be themed around the new topic "Lydiard and Beyond", or superheroes! 

If you have not yet returned the consent slip for the whole school trip to Ridgeway Farm, please do so on the first day of term as the trip is on Wednesday 7th June. Please continue to view and add observations to the ILD and have a wonderful half term break. 


19th May 2017  Weekly Update

Wow! What an amazing assembly on Thursday! The children were all fabulous, singing, speaking and proudly showing their friendship pictures. We hope you enjoyed the performance as much as we did.  We have introduced a new class based system of 'Diamond Superstars' and will nominate up to two children each day to be our 'Diamond Superstars'. Nominations will be for children who show great diamond power and independence in their learning behaviour and approach to school. The children are very excited about the idea of being nominated to wear the 'Diamond Superstar' sash for the day. All children have now completed their text maps for their own versions of "The Little Green Dinosaur" and are ready to write their stories. We have learned some new tricky words and will use these in our writing next week. There will be some more new tricky words to learn next week as well as reading and writing sentences using the sounds we have learned. In maths, we have been learning about the hour and minute hands on a clock and what they tell us as well as using clocks to make o'clock and half past times. Next week we will be measuring time and completing time challenges as well as continuing to work with clocks.  We wish you all a very happy weekend and will see you on Monday. 

12th May 2017  Weekly Update

The excitement about Rosie the dinosaur has continued this week with Rosie taking a real interest in our writing.  On Friday all of the children wrote stories for Rosie as she was sad that she had no stories to read! They are fabulous stories and we look forward to sharing them with you soon. We have been using our Diamond power to work independently to solve subtraction problems in maths. Next week in maths we will be looking at time and also 1 more and 1 less than any given number to 20. In literacy we will be writing our own versions of the story of The Little Green Dinosaur using text maps we will make. We will also learn some new tricky words. Our class assembly is on Thursday at 2.30pm in the school hall.  We hope you are still enjoying the maths games that are sent home in the book bags each week.  Please ensure that the game you are given is returned to school each Wednesday when a parent helper kindly changes them for us.  We are missing a few games so please check at home to see if you have any hiding anywhere! 

5th May 2017  Weekly Update

We had a huge surprise this week when we found six dinosaur eggs in the nest in our classroom!  We all wrote letters to Mrs Luce to ask her if she had seen anything and if she could look at the cameras for clues! Watch this space for more updates. As well as writing to Mrs Luce, we have been learning the tricky words come, some and have and have been using our sounds to read and write sentences about dinosaurs and more. In maths we have been doing lots of addition with numbers to 20 as well as counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. Along with the eggs, we found a text map showing the story of The Little Green Dinosaur and have been acting out the story.  We will soon be creating our own version of the story. We were lucky enough to have an additional PE session with Mrs Underwood this week in which we had fun with tennis. We were able to present some more 10 mile certificates for the Golden Mile in the celebration assembly today and look forward to presenting some 25 mile certificates soon! 

Next week we will be learning some more tricky words in literacy as well as writing our own versions of The Little Green Dinosaur.  In maths, we will be doing subtraction with numbers to 20. We will be continuing to prepare for our class assembly and will be singing a lot! We will be doing some more tennis in PE to develop our ball skills and racket control.  We hope you are continuing to enjoy looking at the ILD and thank you for the entries you have contributed, we really enjoy seeing what the children do outside school.

28th April 2017  Weekly Update

We have had a busy first week back at school.  We have enjoyed reading lots of dinosaur stories, creating our new dinosaur display, decorating dinosaur eggs and making a nest for the eggs. I wonder if there will be any new additions to our nest next week? In maths this week we have been looking at the patterns in numbers and filling in the missing numbers in sequences as well as counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. Next week we will be adding and subtracting with numbers to 20 and continuing to count in 2s, 5s and 10s.  In literacy this week we have been writing about what we did in the Easter holidays as well as learning the new tricky words said and so.  Next week we will complete our Easter writing and will begin to learn the story of the Little Green Dinosaur.  Please remember to make a comment, sign or initial your child's reading record when you have read with them at home, even if you have read a non-school book.  We really appreciate your support with this and the impact that regular reading at home has on children's reading development is noticeable.  Please encourage your child to read anything they are interested in, this may include; school books, books from home, comics, magazines, cereal packets, e-books, labels in the shops, instructions on games..... the list is endless!  We are practising hard for our assembly on 18th May and look forward to seeing you there. Congratulations to those children who have already earned their 10 mile certificate for the Golden Mile and we look forward to presenting more 10 mile certificates next week and hopefully some 25 mile certificates soon! We hope you have a lovely bank holiday weekend and will see you back in school on Tuesday 2nd May.

House teams;


Snowy (green); Charlie, Melody, Dougie, Isobel, Joshua, Chloe, Harry.


Eagle (blue); Arman, Tilly, Izobel, Anis, Misha, Brooke, Tristan, Sophia.


Barn (yellow); Lily, Lavarnna, Codi, Aaranya, Patrick, Aiden, Zachary.


Tawny (red); Logan, Lilly-May, Maisie, Cadley, Pranav, Zack, Jessica, Connie.


7th April 2017  Weekly Update

We have reached the end of another busy term! This week we have enjoyed lots of Easter based activities. All of the children have taken home an Easter basket which they decorated and we filled with Easter goodies. All children have written up their non-fiction reports about minibeasts and these are available to view on the ILD. 

Over the holidays we would encourage you to keep reading with your children and to make the most of any opportunities to write, such as sending postcards, writing shopping lists or maybe even keeping a diary. There will be new reading records sent home in the first week of term but please keep the old ones in the reading folders so we can check which books the children have already read. In term 6 we all take part in the  school sports day and all children will compete for their houses.  Please find below a list of which children are in each house.  All children will need a t-shirt in their house colour for sports day. We are giving you plenty of notice to look out for coloured t-shirts! 

Our topic next term will be 'Dinosaur Roar'. A topic letter and web will be sent out in the first week with more details of what to expect. We return to school on Monday 24th April. 

Please continue to view and add to the learning journeys on the ILD over the holidays as we love seeing what the children have been doing at home.  We wish you all a very happy Easter and look forward to seeing you all on 24th April.


31st March 2017 Weekly update

We enjoyed performing our class song at the school Easter Service this morning and hope that you enjoyed it too if you were there. We will be bringing our hot cross bun hats home on Monday, so perhaps we could sing for you when we get home! This week in maths we have been doing subtraction and using our subtraction skills to count objects and solve number sentences.  Next week, we will be working on word problems in maths using both our addition and our subtraction skillls.  We are continuing to work on writing our minibeast non-fiction texts as well as reading and writing sentences using the phonics we have learned. Individual phonics assessment sheets for each child will be sent home next week, showing the areas in which your child is confident and the areas in which they would benefit from extra practise at home.

Thank you to those parents who have contributed to the Interactive Learning Diary during the last week.  Please remember that the ILD app is now available to download if you would like to have access to the ILD on your phone or tablet. Thank you to all those families who attended our open session on Monday morning. The plates you helped your children to make will be sent home next week along with the entry forms and information about entering them in the village show. All children have made an entry for the village show and we would encourage you to support this village event.  Please remember that school finishes at 1.30pm on Friday 7th April for the Easter holidays. 

24th March 2017 weekly update


Today we have had lots of Red Nose Day fun!  This week in our phonics we have been working through some Phase 3 assessments. We will be sending individualised sheets home with the children to show the sounds and words to focus on in any additional practice you are able to do at home.  All of the children have used their imaginations to create a new type of minibeast as part of our Talk for Writing work.  They have each created a plan to prepare them for writing about their minibeasts.  We will begin to write the reports about these during the following week. In maths we have been working on our addition skills and adding by counting on. We have also been learning that the equals sign means ‘is the same as’.


Next week we will be writing the reports about our minibeasts and we hope to share these with you when they are complete.  Our focus in maths will be on subtraction by counting back from the first number.  We will continue to talk about the equals sign meaning ‘is the same as’.  The Easter Service is on Friday and we will be singing a fabulous class song. We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at the Easter Service and also at our class open session at 9am on Monday when we will be sharing some of our learning with you.  Please sign in at the office on Monday morning by 9am if you are attending the open session. A member of EYFS staff will bring you down to the classroom at 9am.

Please be aware that the Interactive Learning Diary now has a parent app that can be downloaded to make viewing and adding observations even easier. The app can be downloaded from the Apple, Google and Windows app stores.


Useful website links;


The following links may be useful in supporting your child with their learning at home while having some fun together! Some of the links are for websites we use in school, so your children will be familiar with the content.




www.phonicsplay.co.uk Phonics games and activities; there is some free content or you may choose to subscribe for a wider range of content


www.teachyourmonstertoread.com Reading and games


http://www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies/shows/alphablocks Lots of fun games and activities


https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/for-home A range of free eBooks


http://www.ictgames.com/resources.html Games and activities




http://www.topmarks.co.uk/ Early years section, especially maths activities


http://www.ictgames.com/resources.html Games and activities  


Wider curriculum;


https://www.poissonrouge.com/ Games we use in school. This website requires a paid subscription but there is a free trial


http://www.crickweb.co.uk/Early-Years.html Games and activities


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